Architectural concrete is not only a great solution that works well in the interior. More and more often owners of spacious gardens decide on concrete fences or decorative concrete ornaments.

As a manufacturer of concrete slabs, we recognize the decisions of designers and clients who abandon the use of traditional wooden, rattan, plastic, metal and even glass elements in a modern arranged space. In place of these materials appears more durable and aesthetic substitute – architectural concrete. It is worth noting at the outset that the range of standard products made of this material, which consists of concrete slabs or decorative concrete flower pots, is complemented by designer elements in the form of specific decorations and seats.

Until recently, concrete was associated mainly with the raw material commonly used in construction. Increasingly, however, the projects that we have the opportunity to create, as a manufacturer of concrete slabs and other products made of concrete argue that this material has great potential. Taking into account the questions that come to us we want to explain how to use concrete in the garden.

Concrete benches and seats

Decorative concrete is a material that can be used to create a seat or deck chair in a modern style. Concrete bench at will can take any shape, which makes it perfect for any arrangement. It is also worth noting the advantages that have concrete garden furniture – they are solid, durable and resistant to weather conditions, which further speaks in their favor.

Architectural concrete flower pots

Concrete pots are the products most often used during the arrangement of modern gardens. Why are they so often used? Concrete flower pots owe their popularity to exceptional resistance to weather conditions, durability, resistance to deformation and stability. All the technical advantages complemented by the raw beauty of concrete and great design, make concrete planters are a product that is often used when designing an aesthetic and functional space.

Concrete decorations

Among the commonly used concrete garden products, decorative elements for spatial arrangements have a deserved place. As a manufacturer of concrete we offer the creation of any product in different sizes, shapes, textures, including the addition of other materials to the project.

Concrete slabs

Concrete slab in the right configuration can give unique character to any arrangement in which it will be used. If architectural concrete slabs are skillfully composed into green space, they can even become a decorative element.

Modernistic space is all about minimalism, and products made of decorative concrete, as they are characterized by simplicity, cubic shapes and monochromatic colors are perfect for this type of projects.

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