Architectural concrete has enjoyed unchanging popularity for years, not only because of the unusual aesthetics, but above all, its general recognition as a modern and prestigious material. In our daily work, we are becoming more and more convinced that concrete can be easily combined with materials such as glass, wood and steel. The potential of architectural concrete also allows for its use in the form of facade, which is to protect the walls against the harmful effects of atmospheric factors. ConcreAte concrete panels, thanks to their exceptional durability, non-flammability, freeze resistance and low water absorption can be used without hesitation to finish facades.

Facade concrete is nowadays not identified with austerity, but is used in bold, modern, extremely tasteful projects, accompanied by perfectly matched materials.

Format and color of concrete slabs for facade

In ConcreAte we use proven and universal solutions. Facade concrete created by us after proper impregnation with specialized chemicals is ready to decorate the exterior walls of buildings. The standard formats that we offer you are commonly used concrete slabs of the dimensions 150×60 cm, 120×60 cm and 60×60 cm. We also know that every project is different, so we create non-standard sizes of slabs on individual order, tailored to your expectations. The standard colors of our elevation concrete are white and four shades of grey, however, not unlike in the case of formats, we do not close ourselves to other colors obtained by modifying the mass or the very surface of the slab.

Facade panel installation system

ConcreAte concrete slabs are very easy to install. The options we offer and practice are installation systems:

  • on stone anchors, which provide exceptional durability, reliability, especially suitable for large and heavy elements with a thickness of min. 3 cm thick,
  • on a system substructure (e.g. on steel or aluminium profiles) allowing the assembly of panels of smaller thickness, especially those reinforced with glass fibre.

We would love to make architectural concrete products for your home’s façade! Send us your project today!