Where can I use your architectural concrete products? Does it take a form of a concrete slab used indoors only or can I use it for outdoor facades as well? 

What does it really mean?
Nowadays, we expect the places we visit or stay to not only be practical and functional but most of all they are to be captivated by their beauty.
Before we decide how to arrange a space, we are looking for visual inspiration intensively, we are choosing a style that suits our tastes.
For a long time, the modernist, industrial, loft and the most beautiful minimalism in its simplicity have been a great sympathetic.
With these trends coming, our architectural concrete has emerged, universal, timeless and reliable.
Decorative concrete is perfectly presented in combination with a variety of materials – wood, glass, fabric or steel, but it can play a major role in your design thanks to its properties!
ConcreAte architectural concrete material can be used in both smaller flats, large houses, large public buildings and just as well as facades, fences, decorative elements and small architecture.

We create from decorative concrete:
// wall concrete slabs
// facade concrete slabs
// kitchen and bathroom area concrete slabs
// concrete slab staircase steps
// architectural slab fences
// concrete bowls and pots
// concrete furniture

Our decorative concrete slabs are available in every version. With its ability to dye the concrete material, architectural style can achieve any colour that suits your design.
Modifying the concrete slab structure allows you to obtain different surface versions of the slab, from smooth to the most porous. It is worth noting that the architectural concrete is very sculptable before it cools down. This means that we can create it as you like and create different patterns or rotogravure patterns. This option allows decorative concrete to be used in the form of 2D and 3D ornament and also facilitates visual identification of brands whose logos can be embossed in concrete. For unknown reasons concrete has received a label of cold material that does not fit the image of a cosy interior.
The architectural concrete slabs are perfect for matching well-chosen accessories – pleasant fabrics and elegant furniture.
As you can see, the decorative concrete has an unlimited range of applications, you only need a good idea, a vision of how to use it to create great concrete connections!