The decorative concrete in its base form is a mixture of adhesives, aggregates, water and possible additives that improve the characteristics of our concrete slabs. Prepared mass, consisting of Portland cement and water, it covers the surface of the aggregate. Over time, in the process of hydration, the paste gets harder and stronger. The rock mass that is formed is called concrete. How is it that such durable and strong material of the architectural concrete is also so extremely ductile and malleable before hardening?

The answer to the question is hidden throughout this process. Careful and precise measuring and mixing of ingredients is a key prerequisite for high-quality decorative concrete. It is very important to use a sufficient amount of paste to avoid rough surfaces and excessively porous architectural concrete structures.
The mixture, which will contain an excessive amount of cement paste, makes concrete slabs more prone to break and deteriorate.
It is the quality of the paste that determines the character of the architectural concrete to the greatest extent, while the properties of the paste depend on the water-cement ratio.
The highest quality of concrete is achieved by reducing the water-cement ratio to a maximum, without losing the workability of the newly formed architectural concrete , which allows it to be properly distributed and cured.
A properly prepared mixture is one that has the desired workability of freshly formed concrete and the required durability, strength and resistance of architectural concrete that is already cured.
In the production process, we pay the highest attention to the quality of the used ingredients. Clean water and carefully selected aggregates are very important for us, where the latter account for about 70% of the total volume of architectural concrete. After the combination of aggregates, water and cement, the mixture is placed in special forms and is left there to get completely cured.
During this reaction, cement particles are bound with each other and with other components of decorative concrete.
The longer the concrete is kept wet, the stronger and more durable it can become, so the slabs are sprayed with water or protected in moisture-retention materials until they are completely cured.

The concrete slabs of ConcreAte are being sent to its owners and after impregnation, can decorate not only the interior of the object but can also be a great facade of every building.