To start with, we want to dispel any doubts about what exactly GRC concrete is. This material is a fiberglass-reinforced concrete, commonly used due to its aesthetic qualities, as well as aspects related to the construction and low production costs.
Below we present the benefits of using this type of concrete.

High durability

Architectural concrete owes its durability to a special addition, which is fibreglass. This component significantly affects the mechanical parameters of concrete, makes it resistant to surface abrasion and adverse weather conditions. Additionally, the properties of the components make the concrete very flexible.

Outstanding lightness

Although its density matches that of polypropylene reinforced architectural concrete, GRC panels are much thinner and lighter, which translates into more possibilities for its use, lower transportation costs and cheaper and easier handling.

Unusual flexibility

GRC concrete can be easily formed to obtain any shape, texture or even detail. The use of various dyes and different types of concrete surface treatment allows to achieve the desired effect, which is increasingly appreciated in projects.

Environmentally friendly

The production of architectural GRC concrete uses less cement, so the carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere are sustainable. The aforementioned advantages contribute no less to the conclusion that glass fiber reinforced concrete is environmentally friendly.

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