Concrete has won the recognition of architects and designers worldwide. What professionals value as the most important thing about this material, is its durability and exceptional versatility. 
When we bring together the universalism of this material with ease of use and great design, we will get an architectural concrete that not only reduces construction time but also adorns every single interior design. There are many benefits to concrete slab applications. Below we present just a few of them:

Upon approval of our offer, we begin to work on your concrete slabs. Years of experience and inside-out knowledge of our product allow us to quickly deliver on every order, even the most demanding. After transportation to the point designated by you and accurate impregnation, the plates are ready to be assembled. Our concrete plates allow you to complete your construction faster and therefore significantly reduce your costs.

Our concreAte concrete slabs are produced with the highest quality architectural concrete under suitable conditions for this material. The production of architectural concrete in our workshop and delivery on time allows for cleaner and safer construction and for timely project completion. 

Using our concrete slabs allows you to control not only the work area itself but also the work schedule. Our concreAte architectural concrete is poured and hardened in a controlled environment, and the finished concrete plates are stored in our warehouse in the right conditions. Ready-made concrete plates guarantee cleaner construction that works faster. 

Architectural concrete of concreAte is certified for hygiene by PZH, which means that our plates do not have any negative effect on human and animal health or the natural environment.
We are also covered by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market of the European Union, which means that we have a registration certificate and are a verified producer of high- quality architectural concrete.

The architectural concrete is like grey, boring and heavy construction? Quite the contrary! Our concreAte concrete slab uses a variety of aggregate, shapes, colours and finishes to make it a timeless, original and esthetical decoration for your interior and facade! Do you dream of white architectural concrete plates? Do you see a place in your design for concrete tops, parapets and concrete planters? At the concreAte, we’re only limited by imagination!